Rachel Fuller, composer, musician, pop music artist and collaborator with her husband rock musician Pete Townshend.

‘Kate is an eloquent weaver of words. Working on the graphic novel The Seeker based on Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, Kate effortlessly crafted a narrative that resonates with the soul. Her words are a testament to the enduring power of her pen.

Kirsten Murray – Comics editor (http://www.kirstenmurray.co.uk)

‘Kate Delamere is a wonderful writer who, during our time working together, consistently proved that she could rise to any challenge put before her. She is capable of adapting beloved works while incorporating her own voice to introduce a fresh spin, introducing her keen eye for visual details to flesh out the story in exciting ways. Friendly, curious and creative, Kate is a real joy to work with.’

Feroze Dada – author of Children of the Revolution (Filament Publishing, £16.99) and A Disciple: A Spiritual Path to Infinite Happiness edited by Kate Delamere

If you are looking for an editor who can cajole, nudge, probe and mine the knowledge that even you didn’t think you had and have fun in this creative process – then Kate, this talented lady is for you.This is my experience working with Kate who edited my second book: A Disciple; A Spiritual Path to Infinite Happiness, published by Mensch Publishing in February 2022.

Lesley Emery; writer, performer and motivational speaker

‘Kate edited my book (HELP! 7 Simple Steps to Live the Life You Love) with insight and intelligence that took it to another level. The editing was wonderful and I could feel the book transforming. Her support and calm enthusiasm kept me focused and enabled me to complete the book I had always wanted to write.’

Shelley von Strunckel, writer, speaker and columnist on spirituality and astrology

‘I’ve known Kate for years as an inquisitive and inspiring editor. However, it’s her genuine interest in the world around her and her curiosity about the people in it, that make her a very special human being, and endow her with a unique gift as a writer, and speaker and consultant in the world of media.’

Uri GellerIsraeli-British illusionist, magician, tv personality and psychic

‘Kate Delamere’s amazing interviewing and writing abilities make all her articles riveting and super interesting!’

Hazel O’ConnorBritish singer-songwriter and actress 

‘I’ve been interviewed by hundreds of writers over the years but none have shed an insightful spotlight on the dustier corners of my life as quickly and as skilfully as Kate. Warm with integrity and a unique way of handling sensitive topics, she discovered what makes me tick and teased out a spiritual side I don’t normally share. When our scheduled one-hour interview turned into a three-hour chat, I knew I’d met a friend for life as well as a first-class journalist and writer.’

Jonathan TaylorAuthor, editor, critic and Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Leicester

‘It’s been my pleasure and privilege to work with the wonderful Kate Delamere on various creative writing projects over the years, and to have taught with her at De Montfort University and elsewhere. She’s a hugely experienced journalist and a brilliant and imaginative writer across many forms and genres. In all of her writing, she manages to balance communicative lucidity – which perhaps arises from her journalistic work – with beauty of style. In her teaching, she clearly establishes excellent relationships with students, and helps bring out their best work.’

Davina MacKailHay House author

‘Kate’s an inspirational commissioning editor with a sixth sense for what’s needed in the moment. She’s attuned to her audiences and knows how to get the best from her contributors as well as being gifted in the art of editing and asking the right questions.’

Sonja GraceAward winning author, mystic healer 

‘Kate Delamere is a fantastic writer who offers truth and sincerity to her audience. She brings light to every subject!’

Janey Lee GraceAuthor, presenter and journalist 

‘Kate’s amazing to work with, a great writer and editor. A skilled interviewer, she knows how to share a great story.’

UK space pioneer Prof Ken Pounds, CBE, FRS – Professor of Space Physics, Leicester University, and winner of prestigious Lifetime Achievement Sir Arthur Clarke Award 2019

‘Kate Delamere is a talented journalist as well as a creative writer, who contributed to the story of 60 years of X-ray astronomy in the UK, interviewing research staff to add a human touch to science history.’

Siofra BrennanUK Editor

‘Kate is a natural writer whose tone and mastery of words comes across as completely effortless. Her empathy, endless curiosity and skill at forming human connections plays a huge part in her ability to interview and make stories come alive on the page. It’s surprisingly rare to find people who possess both creative and journalistic skills equally, but she can easily move between both – proving her innate talent with the written word.’

Miel de Botton Swiss singer-songwriter, contemporary art collector, clinical psychologist and philanthropist

‘The article Kate wrote on me was an extraordinary double page spread of eloquent writing – I was delighted and kept it preciously!’