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In conversation with Uri Geller about his belief in intelligent life in the Universe. Looking forward to helping him create The Uri Geller Oracle to hone your cosmic psychic powers to be published by Watkins Publishing in October 2024.



https://www.vitruvianwellness.co.uk/events – June 16th, 7-9pm

The Little Book of Affirmations I wrote for Welbeck Publishing as part of their popular Little Book series is available now to pre-order on Amazon. Packed with scientific facts and tips as well as expert advice from positive thinkers like Uri Geller and energy healer Sonja Grace it demonstrates how affirmations re-programme the mind for a better way of living.

  • I’m pleased to announce a spiritual memoir I edited called A Disciple by Feroze Dada is out now, published by Mensch Publishing and Bloomsbury India. It offers practical guidance on meditation techniques and has attracted some great reviews on Amazon. 

I enjoyed interviewing Feroze about the inspirations that led to him writing A Disciple. Watch our chat here:

You can get a taster of Feroze’s story by reading a feature I wrote for Mail Online


  • For literary inspiration check out this great blog with new book reviews and author interviews: